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Act Now And Lock Down Cheap Electricity Before NEM 2.0 Expires on April 13, 2023. GET a Free solar proposal today.

El Cajon California is perfect for Solar. Hometown Solar Pros in El Cajon are ready to help you get a professional Solar estimate and cost savings report.  Call now to schedule a virtual cost savings report. No one need visit your home.  Get real answers and a real  solar proposal from you home .  Call now or  fill out our contact form for specialist to contact you. 

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Californians in El Cajon are now rushing to get Solar installed before the April 15 2023 deadline set by the California public utilities commission. El Cajon residents who get interconnected with SDG&E before April 15th will be grandfathered into the existing NEM2.0 for the next 20 years! Act now to reserve your slot. Call us or leave your contact info now to schedule an appointment with a certified solar professional and receive a no obligation free professional solar proposal.  We work with POWUR Pbc the nations fastest growing solar provider in the USA using only the best equipment providing the best 30 year warranty in the Industry. 

Get Solar now before its too late. WE will help you get all  El Cajon city solar permits and fees in place and manage a local installation team to get you connected as soon as possible . Act now to get the ball rolling. 

Who we are:

We are Solar Energy specialists and always choose Powur PBC of Del Mar Ca as our primary Solar provider. Powur is the nation’s fastest growing solar company for good reason!  Powur has the most efficient transparent pricing model and uses the best most advanced  solar equipment in the market.  Powur’s size and bulk buying power means lower prices for you the end user.

Powur consistently receives 5 star customer satisfaction ratings . You can be sure you will get the best price, service, and guarantee.  Powur  has Industry’s best 30 year  no fault warranty.’

Relax no salespeople will visit your home.   Your specialist  will review everything with you via a zoom meeting.  If you do prefer  a personal visit we can also arrange to meet your schedule.

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El Cajon residents Beat SDG&E

Attention El Cajon residents! take control of your energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment. Schedule an appointment for a solar cost savings estimate!
With POWUR PBC we offer top-of-the-line solar panel installations, including photovoltaic (PV) systems, ON and OFF-grid solar battery systems, along with electric vehicle (EV) charger ports. Our Solar Specialists will work with you to design a custom solar power solution that meets your specific energy needs and budget. Call now to schdule an appointment today.

El Cajonians with solar power, you can benefit from clean and renewable energy that will reduce your monthly energy bills drastically. Quit paying SDG&E outrageous amounts. Solar panels can generate electricity from the sun’s energy, even on cloudy days, making them a reliable source of power. Reduce your carbon foot print and help El Cajon stay smog free.

Act now to lock in NEM 2.0 regulations, ensuring that you can take advantage of all the incentives and credits available to you. AFter April 13th 2023 it will be too late. And with our Solar Battery solution, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a backup source of power during outages.
Schedule your appointment today for a free virtual consultation. Don’t worry. No salespeople will visit your home. Study the proposal and ask questions where ever you are. 

Take the first step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future. Our team of experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about solar power, solar panels, and other renewable resources. Don’t miss this opportunity to save money and protect the environment – schedule your appointment today! Call

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